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About us

Classic and Modern 

The winemaking complex Chizay was founded in 1995 in the town of Beregovo which is situated in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, on beautiful gorge Chizay where Ukraine borders with Hungary. The plant was built using the most advanced technologies in construction and winemaking at the time. Currently, the Chizay factory is a modern industrial full production cycle wine making complex consisting of its own vineyards, primary wine making plant (on which the processing of grapes and making wine takes place), a secondary wine making plant (where the finished product is bottled), wine storages, tasting rooms, offices and warehouses. The finished products are manufactured under several trademarks: Chizay, Chateau Chizay, Wine Berry and is in high demand worldwide including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel, Nigeria, the United States and Australia. With the aim of popularizing the wines and enhancing the culture of wine drinking, winemaking complex Chizay. opened and exquisite tasting room of 90 meters in September, 2010. The tasting room accommodates up to 50 guests. Two years afterwards, a museum of viticulture and winemaking was also opened to visitors.

Chizay Vineyards 

Виноградники Чизай

Our company’s location was chosen specifically because Transcarpathia has been known for its wine-making traditions from ancient times. The land is blessed with an ideal climate and fertile soils optimal for wine-making. The hills of mineral-rich volcanic mountains on which our grapes grow, along with the optimal flow of the heat from the sun give exceptional flavor to Chizay wines. We started to plant our vineyards in 2006. Today, we care for millions of seedlings on over 272 hectares, all of which are located in the Beregovo, Irshava and Mukachevo districts of the Transcarpathian region. We grow white, pink and red European varieties of grapes, including the Rhine Riesling, Muscat Ottonel, Muller Thurgau, Traminer pink, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and others. Favorable natural conditions, hardworking wine-growers and wine-makers who perfected their craft from centuries of traditions passed down from generation to generation create an extraordinary nectar of Transcarpathian vineyards.

Primary winemaking factory 

Завод первичного виноделия

The receiving and processing of the grapes, production and storage of wine takes place at the primary wine-making facility located in the village of Orosievo Beregovo district, Transcarpathian region, 25 kilometers from the town Beregovo. The plant has three lines that can process up to 100 tons of grapes an hour. One line is used for receiving and processing of white European grape varieties, the second for red varieties and the third for Isabella varieties. During the processing and fermentation phase, the temperature of the mash and wort is strictly regulated by the most state of the art technological equipment. Our Pneumatic presses and pumps meet the strictest requirements in Europe. All of this assist in preserving the taste and aroma of the grapes in our wines.

Secondary winemaking factory

Виробництво вина Чизай

The secondary winemaking facility is where our wines are bottled and stored. It’s located in the town of Beregovo on 1.88 hectares of land. The history of the city dates back a millennium and has long been the land that belonged to Hungarian kings. Vine has been grown on the slopes of the mountains near the city for centuries. As a result of its geographical location, Beregovo is the warmest region in Western Ukraine. The Chizay Winery can store up to 9 million liters of wine at an optimum temperature regulated by automated climate systems. Bottling of finished product going on two lines. On May 2013 we made a reconstruction of manufacturing - a new line was installed which is build from best european manufacturers machines. Performance of first production line - 7000 bottles / hour, the second - 4500 bottles / hour. All phases of productions including the technological conditions, quality of raw materials and the finished products are strictly monitored at all levels by our laboratories as well as government agencies. Throughout the years, our company has participated in specialized prestigious competitions in an effort to obtain an objective and independent assessment of the quality our wines. We are proud to say that we have and continue to receive high praise and top awards from judges and specialist winemakers. We invite you to visit our tasting room and experience our wines for yourself. When you visit us, you’ll marvel at the the fascinating world of Chizay wines as well as see first hand how they are produced.