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Wine tours to Chizay Valley!

Anyone who wants to experience the charm of our viticultural region, taste exquisite Transcarpathian wines, visit the Chizay vineyards and try the authentic Transcarpathian Bograch directly on the hills where the grapes grow, we invite you to Chizay Valley!

Wine Tour program:

- A fascinating tour to the production facilities and wine cellar of Chizay winery. 
- Tasting of 10 wines, including the legendary vintage wine "Troyanda Zakarpattya". 
- Visit to the Museum of viticulture and winemaking, as well as Chizay brand shop. 
- Climb to the top of the hill and a stroll among vineyards. - Treating guests with Bograch 
- national dish of Transcarpathia - in the heart of the vineyards. We have already started our tours!

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